​​Ridge Runners: Unleashing raw Rock power with ‘The Rest of Us’

"While politics, business, and media get all of the attention, the spirit of the people is the unsung hero that keeps us going"
8 July 2024

Philadelphia-based rock outfit Ridge Runners has unleashed a sonic storm with their latest single, The Rest of Us, a bold testament to their evolution into a powerhouse within the rock genre. As the music surges and the audience participates, this track recreates the electrical connection between the band and their crowd, broadcasting a message that refuses to be silenced.

In The Rest of Us,, Ridge Runners strip down to the essentials of Rock & Roll: thunderous drums, blistering guitars, textured organ undertones, and the commanding vocals of Coleman Rigg. Listen close and you’ll find this song serving up some much-needed Attitude, fueled by a burning outrage that leaves no stone unturned.

Politics, corporations – nothing’s off-limits. It’s like cranking up a fist-pumping anthem, à la John Fogerty and Sam Fender, and letting the good times roll. Like a protest chant and a fight song rolled into one, Rigg’s lyrics ring out with a defiant optimism that honors the guts and grit of people on the front lines.

Rigg explains: “Like many others, I’ve spent the last several years shaking my head and feeling discouraged by the news cycle. After a while, I realised that we always find ways to endure despite it all… I attribute this to the strength of the people. We support our leaders by going to work, paying taxes, going to fight their wars, raising good families for the next generation, and in a million other ways. While politics, business, and media get all of the attention, the spirit of the people is the unsung hero that keeps us going. This song is an ode to those who persist against all odds… the rest of us.”

Produced by Philly music luminary Barney Cortez at The Church studio, The Rest of Us was recorded live to capture the band’s collective energy and cohesion. Longtime collaborator Matt Poirier, known for his work with The National and Restorations, skillfully handled the mixing and mastering process, ensuring the track resonates with Ridge Runners’ authentic sound and impassioned message. 

Since their 2020 debut with Too Close, Ridge Runners have carved a distinct niche in Philadelphia’s music scene with their electrifying performances and poignant lyricism. The cumulative impact of their two full-length albums and ten ear-catching singles – with A Place I Never Thought I’d Be being a riveting case in point – demonstrates an unwavering commitment to advancing their distinctive sound.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Coleman Rigg, Ridge Runners also feature Zach Kaeser on guitar, Brett Harder on keys, John Kaeser on drums, and Kevin McCall on bass.

This band’s formula is part classic rock DNA, part indie intensity, with echoes of Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, plus a dash of contemporary indie boldness à la Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks. Ridge Runners genuinely identify with their music roots, scraping off the surface shiny stuff to reveal a rock-solid dedication. The way they see themselves is told in their biography. Building a musical inferno from the ground up is what drives them.

 It’s a creative imperative that won’t rest until every rhythm, riff, and lyric resonates deep within the souls of their audience. With The Rest of Us racking up praise, Ridge Runners are fixing to shoot for the stars, cementing their rep as Philadelphia rock royalty. F​asten your seatbelts – their upcoming drops are gonna shake the foundations of rock, introducing a potent new sound that’s one hundred percent theirs.