Veteran rockers Thin Lizzy recently announced they were embarking on their ‘farewell tour’. Amidst much speculation and rumours about the bands future we took it upon ourselves to contact front man Ricky Warwick and ask the Northern Irish vocalist if he could shed any light on what was happening.

Here are highlights from our interview with Ricky. Ricky was more than willing to discuss things with Phil and certainly has helped clarify some things in relation to the next step for the band.

Hi Ricky thanks for taking time to talk to me today. Are things busy with yourself as usual?

Yeah I am busy today, we have a press call lined up tomorrow and will be making some big announcements at that?Oh sounds exciting, can you tell our readers anything about it?

All will be revealed on Christmas Eve. But I can say that we will be announcing our future plans, band name and album details. We have a record deal in place and fans will be excited I am sure?

Marco (Mendoza) in his interview with me said you all had to sit down and work out exactly what you wanted to do with the band. I assume that took place?

Yes exactly. we all got together prior to the tour and have worked out exactly what we want to do and very soon you will all know about it?

Can’t wait Ricky. So what can you tell me about the ‘farewell tour’. Are emotions running high back stage?

Yes and no. Also I think I need to clarify that this is not a farewell tour for Thin Lizzy. It is a farewell tour to us performing as often together. We will still play at some festivals and other shows. we have an Australian tour lined up with Motley Crue and Kiss next year.

So you will still be able to come along and see us perform as Thin Lizzy. Emotions wise i just find it such an honour to be able to get up on stage and sing such classic songs.There have been many rumours about why you seemed to be distancing yourselves from the Thin Lizzy name. Can you shed any light on it?

Personally I felt some of the things we were doing were too close to Phil (and his legacy). Maybe they were a step too far. He is iconic and I believe it just wasn’t right to do new material as Thin Lizzy.

We have all agreed and believe this is for the best really. This way we can release the album and still perform the classics as Lizzy, when we want.

It does make sense when you explain it Ricky. Thanks for clearing that up. You will be playing quite an intimate gig in Belfast as part of the tour. Are you looking forward to that?

Well to me a gig is a gig. I just want to get out there and do my thing. But yes it is always great to return home, Belfast has always been good to us a band.

I am so glad we were able to squeeze the date in and repay all those loyal fans for their support.

Do you enjoy performing all the Thin Lizzy classics Ricky?

Of course, I am privileged and blessed to be able to do it. the songs are timeless and mean a lot to so many people. I love the way the crowds sing-along. I mean I did that when I was a kid and now here I am on stage belting them out.

What is so good is how we can fire off so many songs and hold back something as powerful as ‘Boys Are Back In Town’ til the end. I think it is like having George Best sitting on the bench for most of the match and only bringing him on in the closing minutes.

The crowds go wild for it. Not many bands have that luxury. We have the most amazing set list.Fronting Thin Lizzy is I am sure a real career (to date) highlight. But have you any others?

You know I am blessed to have achieved everything I wanted to do in this business.

I really have met all my expectations and fulfilled many dreams too. I am more than happy to keep on doing what I am doing. Being in Thin Lizzy is a huge highlight definitely.

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with on a project. I know you and Joe (Def Leppard) Elliott are close friends for example?

Yes I guess there are a few. I always admired Stiff Little Fingers and Thin Lizzy. So being able to perform with both of them has been great. I would love to work with Bruce Springsteen, that would be amazing.

If I could have I would have loved to done something with Johnny Cash too. In relation to Joe we are still good friends, we have worked together before. But that was when I was closer to him location wise. He is in Dublin and I am in the states. So it would be tough to do, but you never know.

Finally Ricky, apart from the big news relating to Thin Lizzy and your tour commitments have you anything else in the pipeline for 2013?

Yeah I’ll be very busy with the band and touring ect. but I do have some solo stuff lined up as well.

Thin Lizzy (with Trucker Diablo) play the Limelight 1 on December 12th
2012. Watch out for our review of that show here soon.