RIA MARIE Shares 90s Baby

By Moni Bell

Ria Marie has delivered another stunning release with her second single of the year 90s Baby. Exploding onto the musical landscape back in 2018, she has since been on the rise, and showcased herself as a talented artist to watch. Inspired by the golden era for millennials, the song plays on captivating nostalgic soundscapes to take listeners back to the 90s.

Drawing on a wistful R&B led sound, Ria brings the listener into a captivating and enchanting sonic world, filled with allusions and references to all the best things about the 90s. With clever and engaging lyricism, she plays on all the classic 90s favourites as she gives mention to Space Jam, VHS cassettes and the iconic romance of Britney and Justin. With a mellow and intoxicating soundscape, Ria’s smooth and soul infused vocals are at the forefront of the stunning melody.  

When discussing the track Ria explains “‘90’s Baby’ has a nostalgic feel that takes me back to my childhood,” Ria offers. “So many incredible shows and artists came out of the 90s and they created a new path for how the music and entertainment industry has evolved.”

As she begins to delve into a more R&B led sound, 90s Baby perfectly highlights her diverse and eclectic artistry as she highlights a new side to her sonic style.