RHONA STEVENS Shares Sparkling Debut Single MELANIN

By Vee D

Scottish starlet Rhona Stevens is making her mark with her shimmering debut single Melanin. Inspired by the easy breeziness of summertime, she uses kinky riffs, intricate melody switches and subtle percussion to emulate the carefree mood of the warmer months.

A much-needed burst of energy when the skies are grey, her quirky flair is refreshing, and the expertise she displays at conducting a song that doesn’t abide by a usual rhythm is striking. Whilst it may be a while off until festival season is upon us again, Rhona’s sun-soaked lyrics transport you to the familiar feeling of fun in the field.

After discovering her passion for music at the age of thirteen, Rhona spent time honing her skills and becoming absorbed in the possibilities of her creations. Instead of using audible inspirations for her music, she trusts her feelings and vibrations to achieve her unique sound of alternative indie pop, allowing her vibrant personality to shine through.

With Melanin an outstanding first release, it’s exciting to wonder what will come next from the Glaswegian artist.