Well, it was a given that you go into this film not expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but instead a good fun guns and explosions action movie. In this respect, this movie did not disappoint.
The film was everything that you would expect from a clichéd action movie and more!

The opening pre-credits scene of the film was straight into the balls to the wall action which felt like I was watching a real version of Team America, as the team rampaged through Nepal, destroying anything and everything that gets near them!

It’s great to see the three pillars of the action movie, Bruce, Sly and Arnie not only on screen
together, but shooting the snot out of a tide of henchmen and trading quips. The plot is basically an amalgam of vengeance and a stereotype James Bond movie.

The stereotype structure is only missing a British accent for the villain, who instead is hammily played by Jean-Claude Van Damme and is aptly named Jean Vilien.

The wealth of one-liners and macho action hero banter traded between the characters in the film is great at points. But at others it does verge on the ridiculous, as it feels like the actors are almost just trading each other’s catchphrases.

However, some of the lines throughout the script are great, like Chuck “Lone Wolf” Norris himself quoting a Chuck Norris ‘fact’.

There’s also a load of little references to action movies dotted throughout the film, including a few Indy references which had me wondering if they had wanted Harrison Ford in this film too (apparently they’d like him in the third one).

Overall, the film, much like the largely aging cast, has a lot of power but is stuck in a clichéd past with its tongue firmly in its cheek.
By Lee Palmer