Revealed: The Top 10 Irish Influencers

We live in an age where celebrity status is no longer confined to traditional 'celebrities'. Today, if you have something to say and a mobile phone in hand, there’s a market for it somewhere.
17 December 2020

By Vanessa B

We live in an age where celebrity status is no longer confined to traditional ‘celebrities’. Today, if you have something to say and a mobile phone in hand, there’s a market for it somewhere. By creating unique and engaging content and gradually building up an astonishing following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter, people from all walks of life can become an influencer and get their voices heard.  

The figure of the social media influencers is still relatively new, but one that has fast become a big part of our day-to-day lives, from our morning scroll through Instagram to the dedicated hours of TikTok entertainment still helping us to get through the lockdown monotony. Just look at the recent and excessively bingeable Netflix show, Emily in Paris, which has enthralled a large following us into the starry eyed world of influencer culture (debates on the realism of Emily’s Instagram success aside).  

In Ireland, it’s no different—many Irish social media personalities have climbed their way up the ranks of the social media stratosphere to make a big impression. 

After taking into account number of followers, average likes, engagement rate (how often people interact with their social media posts), estimated earnings per post, and more. Fashion brand, Zalando, has crunched the numbers and revealed the top ten Irish influencers of 2020. Read on to learn a little about each of them. 

  1. Nicole O’ Brien (@nicole.ob

In first place with a respectable 870k Instagram followers, we have Nicole O’Brien. Originally from Cork, Nicole rocketed to fame after appearing in season one of the Netflix show Too Hot to Handle. Since her appearance in the American reality TV show, she’s cultivated a huge following on her social media channels, which she uses to discuss topics such as mental health and beauty standards as well as fashion lifestyle. Nicole’s estimated earnings per post equate to roughly €2,202- €3671, with an estimated yearly post earning of a staggering €422,992. 

  1. Keilidh Cashell (@keilidhmua

Next up with an impressive 572k Instagram followers, 195k subscribers on YouTube, and 2.3m TikTok followers is Keilidh Cashell. Keilidh is Ireland’s most famous MUA and her social media accounts are full of weird, wonderful, and truly addictive makeup video tutorials. She has seen so much social media success that she has now launched her own makeup brand, KASH Beauty. Thanks to her creative makeup videos, Keilidh has an impressive Instagram engagement rate of 4.21%, and each of her posts is estimated to bring in around €1449–€2416. 

  1. Rosie Connolly-Quinn (@rosieconxxx

With 356k instagram followers, Dublin-based fashion and beauty blogger Rosie Connolly-Quinn comes in in third place. Rosie uses her aesthetically-curated Instagram to discuss a variety of topics including fashion and motherhood. The top five audience interests that she covers in her social media influencer role are beauty and fashion (87% of her content), art and design (52%), business and careers (40%), fitness and yoga (38%), and children and family (37%). Her estimated earnings per post come in at €902–€1,504. 

  1. Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor (@sosueme_ie

The current fourth place on this list goes to Irish influencer Suzanne Jackson-O’Connor. With 285k Instagram followers, Suzanne has proved that it’s possible to build a beauty empire out of a loyal social media and blog following. The influencer and entrepreneur founded the award-winning, cruelty-free makeup and tanning brand SOSU. As well as building her brand, she earns an estimated €723–€1206 per Instagram post. 

  1. Grace Mongey (@facesbygrace23

Grace Mongey is a Dublin-based influencer who specialised in beauty and fashion, art and design, family, and business. Grace’s Instagram page is full of wholesome pictures depicting family life as well as some fabulous makeup tutorials. As well as her original account, she also posts to @FBGHome, an Instagram account that documents her stylish home renovation. With 175k Instagram followers, Grace makes an estimated €443–€739 per post.  

  1. Aoibhe Devlin (@aoibhedevlin

In sixth place, we have another Dublin-based influencer: Aoibhe Devlin. Aoibhe has 117k Instagram followers and specialises in creating fun and engagement content around the themes of travel, lifestyle, motherhood, and fashion. As well as posting to Instagram, she also runs a blog, The Secret Obsession, where she creates posts about all of these areas. With her average Instagram likes amounting to 3.1k, she earns an estimated €253–€496 per post.  

  1. Aideen Murphy (@aideenkate

Another makeup pro and creative beauty blogger, Aideen Murphy serves up look after look to her 114k Instagram followers. Grace brings in an estimated €364–€608 per post, and she also has a healthy following on TikTok, with 58.7k followers and 758.6k total video likes. Her makeup looks vary from classic glam to quirky and creative, making her feed addictive to scroll through.  

  1. Ashley Kehoe (@ashleykehoe09

Ashley Kehoe is another Insta-fashionista to watch out for! She shares aesthetic, neutral-toned, fashion-focused pictures with her 104k Instagram and 2,225 TikTok followers, and her social media feeds are great for fashion inspiration! Data from Zalando reveals that her estimated income per post is €265–€442. 

  1. Dominique Nugent (@dominiquenugent89

Beauty and fashion blogger Dominique Nugent comes in in ninth place with a grand total of 100k Instagram followers. With 4.2k average Instagram likes and an impressive engagement rate of 4.25% (the highest on our list!), Dominique is definitely an influencer to watch. Per post, it is estimated that she earns €339–€565. 

  1. Holly Carpenter (@hollycarpenter

And finally, the tenth most successful Irish influencer is Holly Carpenter. On Instagram, Holly specialises in creating content about beauty and self-love, but many of her pictures also feature her adorable dog, Max. Her love of animals is evident in her influencing career, and she is an ambassador for Dogs Trust Ireland. Taking home an average of €324–€542 per post, amounting to €62,431 per year, Holly holds a rightful place within Ireland’s top ten influencers. 

From fashion and beauty to interior design and animal welfare, these Irish influencers seem to have all areas covered! If you don’t already, give them a follow and find out how creative and engaging their content is for yourself.