union jNext big thing boyband Union J reveal artwork for their debut single ‘Carry You’, released on June 2nd and taken from their album which will be out later this year.

The band said: “We’ve been through a lot in the short time we’ve been together and this song sums up how important it was for us to be there for eachother”.

“If you’d have told us at the beginning of the X Factor auditions that we’d have a record deal and would be releasing a single we wouldn’t have believed you. We’re so excited to release Carry You and hope everyone likes it as much as we do. Everyone can relate to the track.” UNION JLike some of their pop counterparts, Union J were brought together by X Factor. Jaymi Hensley, Josh Cuthbert and JJ Hamblett were Triple J before the show made the decision to add George Shelley, giving to all fans Union J.

‘Carry You’ is written and produced by Steve Mac (Leona Lewis, One Direction, Westlife).