Review – Residual Effect, Rock’D at The Limelight, Belfast, Dec 4

WHEN my mate Stevie looks at me while totally inebriated and screams “heavy f…..g metal” while throwing the horns this is what he’s talking about.
Angry, scary, fierce, intense – it’s Residual Effect who I’m convinced screamed at us “I’m going to f..k your face”…..nice ! Lol

This five piece know the meaning of heavy metal with their testosterone fuelled guitar stances and some f…..g awesome growling from the front man.
Crashing cymbals; deep and dark bass with moody guitars and a passionate scream from the depths of hell this is definitely the shit to listen to after a hard day at work.

Their intros are so strong I’m convinced they’d waken the dead given the vibrations at my feet.
High energy, high impact, high quality heavy metal, what can I say – once a month when the world f…s me off I will definitely be screaming along to these guys in my flat.
By Tina Calder
Photos by FB/