New York songstress Renée Orshan, better known as her moniker Rèn with the Mane (previously known simply as- RÉN) – presents herself saying…”I make music for your soul… and hips and stuff”. Now she shares a slice of lush indie-pop, with new song ‘Changes’.

On the idea behind the track, RÉN reveals: “I was riding the subway and some lady with just a couple of teeth smiled at me and said “time waits for no one”. It was such a profound thing to say to a stranger. I felt like she was sent to me for inspiration.. so yea, I threw that line in there. A lot of my songs have a similar theme about letting go of things, people, jobs, and relationships that aren’t serving you and ‘Changes’ is just that…Life is an experience that we all get to ride. Through my music, I’m encouraging us to do more, take chances, have more fun, and be better human beings.”

She adds: “I never stay in- I get serious “fomo” of who I could potentially be meeting and experiences I could be having. There are so many ways to get musical inspiration. For me, a lot of the time, I write a song based on my friends or something a complete stranger says to me..”be careful what you say, I could write a song about you next…”