dems3Exciting South London-based electronic trio Dems’ stunning track ‘Made for Myself’, gets this soulful rework by forward-thinking beatmaker Blacksmif.

He explains: “Remixing this particular track from DEMS was quite an interesting step for me. Historically the remix offers i get have always had a more dancefloor-ready element too them. This time however, I was working with a track that’s a lot deeper and emotive in it’s nature.”

Blacksmif adds: “I actually found myself thinking from the perspective of music made to fit with films or a specific plot-line / narrative when i approached this remix. It just seemed to lend itself to that general epic, climatic trajectory, but i think what was important to me was to recreate in a way that didn’t veer too far from it’s original multi-instrumentalist feel rather than contrarily sounding too computer-processed / synthesised.”

Dems’ fascinating debut LP ‘Muscle Memory’, is out now via Sew In Love Records.