By Vee D

Returning with a single that emphasizes upon the true perplexity of our existence, John Roseboro unveils Mere Mortal, an introspective look at life and all of its peculiarities. 

Taken from his upcoming album Human Nature, the track features a delicate acoustic riff that sweeps against his soft, ruminating vocals, allowing the analytical lyricism to shine through. The simplicity of it is what ironically makes it so impactful, reflecting upon our daily lives and waiting for things to happen despite our time being considerably short. Disclosing what the track means to him, Roseboro quotes “The song is about wanting something to live (and die) for. It is the first single and opening track from the upcoming debut album “Human Nature”.

With the artwork featuring an unknown ‘mortal’ entangled amongst the four horsemen of the apocalypse, Roseboro’s vision comes to life, as he translates his message of time being fleeting and fragile. Inspired by the Dogme 95 filmmaking movement of 1995, the accompanying visuals depict a man who fakes his own death, and allows the viewer a peek into the inner workings of Roseboro’s artistry. 

An intriguing new direction for the Haitian-American artist, John Roseboro continues to surprise and satisfy with his ever-developing creativity.