Rebel Westerns1Indie-pop four-piece band Rebel Westerns – Dominic Thomson (vocals, guitar), Callum Munro (bass), Glen Gordon (keyboard) and Daniel Garvie (drums) – present their positively catchy track ‘Atomic Blonde’ (due for release on 9th September via Depot Records) and open up about, the “realistic endeavor of trying to become pop stars”, dreaming to tour with The Rolling Stones and being a teenage mutant ninja turtle…

Hi Rebel Westerns how are you today?

Hi! We’re doing great, thanks how are you?

Im grand thanks! So…What’s your new single ‘Atomic Blonde’ all about?

‘Atomic Blonde’ is about wanting what you can’t have in love and our in-built desire for self-destruction. It’ an autobiographical intense affair wrapped up in a three minute Pop song.

Did you always strive to become musicians?

Following on from our childhood dreams of becoming cowboys and spacemen once we met in high school and bonded over guitar bands and making noise we set our sights on the more realistic endeavor of trying to become pop stars. Rebel Westerns2If you could collaborate with any musicians/artists dead or alive who would they be and why?

Sadly, 2016 has made a lot of our dream collaborations fantasies, but we would have loved to have worked with someone like Prince, because he was such an eclectic musician and a huge influence on the band. For now we’ll stick with Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, right now he is at a creative peak and everything he touches turns to gold.

If you could tour with any band in the world who would that be and why?

It’s a predictable response but possibly The Rolling Stones. They’re just the foundation for all contemporary guitar music and basically wrote the book on bands. So touring with them (ideally in the early 70’s) would have been an incredible adventure to have been part of that circus.

Describe your sound in five words.

Love, Neon, Dancing, Adidas & Leather

If you guys were the teenage mutant ninja turtles, who would be who and why?

Dom (vocals, guitar) – Leonardo: without being too much of a diva as the forefront turtle this is self-explanatory.

Glen (Keyboards, Synths) – Mikey: The most ‘chilled’ person we have ever met. Also loves pizza more than any of us.

Callum (Bass) – Raphael: Mostly because there weren’t any others to choose from but Callum has a sense of humour where people tend to sometimes not know if he is joking.

Daniel (Drums) – Donatello: Since Donatello is the scientist of the group and Daniel is the most obsessed with tech effects and sampling in the band, this one pretty much speaks for itself,

What can we expect from Rebel Westerns in the upcoming months?

Our single ‘Atomic Blonde’ is released on September 9th and we will be following that with a headline slot at La Belle Angele in Edinburgh on Friday September 23rd which is free entry. The next few months will see us release our debut EP also.