REBEL ACA QuickFire Questions

"My lyrics are about the fact given the billions on this planet - you probably have met another like me… clumsy, ADHD dyslexic - with a mum like the queen and a sister who rolls in the hood in Jamaica…"
22 April 2021

By Frank Bell

London hip-hop artist Rebel ACA presents his new track Mr Simplicity ft French Monkey Wrench & Lil Rossco & Spragga Benz & Doc Brown 

What was the first album you bought?

The best of Californian raisins…

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

Those that run labels and rap like bastards.

Sage Francis – lyrical genius, and indpendant label leader of Strange Famous Records.

Tech N9ne – Rediculously good rapper who has been overlooked for so many years, finally getting recognition. Also pioneering indpendant label … Strange Music

Strangely both got strange in the name.

RZA – again created an entire thing, and was my favourite rapper from the Wu.

Big Pun – hands down my favourite flow

Eminem – because no-one wants to admit it but he has broken so many boundaries in rap.

Spragga Benz – for being my sensei and teaching me what I was missing in rap.

Then a whole heap of UK hip hop legends – Skitz, Rodney P, Chester P, Farma G, Harry Shotta, Roots Manuva…  Leaf Dog, Dabbla…

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

Not to get out my miniature violin – as really I have nothing to moan about compared to many –  but going through pain or difficulties.

The trouble with being happy is you don’t have much to rap about. I was very happy a while back after various things like divorce and loss passed and I met this amazing woman who really is the best thing to ever happen to me – and you start writing raps like “I got up and had coffee, and I fell kinda good. I even stopped coughing, knock on wood”

Then in May 2017 the mild tinnitus I have had since 2000  became much much much much… much worse. I was overdosing on aspirin to deal with migraines I think that might be why… was definitely also the incredibly loud music I liked listening to – but however – I woke up one day and things had got very bad. It takes about 1-2 years to stop trying to fix it and beg and begin blind panic in your mind for it to stop. It is incredibly hard to accept the completely constant screaming sound… but like anything… eventually, you do. But it changed how I could make music, how I could practice, how I could listen… that performing now was going to be very difficult (due to surrounding issues of noise damage and hyperacusis) – but hey – I guess the good thing is it has helped me write again and find a way to move forward with my rap…the bad bit is I do have this recurring thought of putting a bullet through both ears to stop the sound… unfortunately it would also pass through the brain.

Tell us about your new single ‘Mr. Simplicity’?

The tune was originally written by myself, French and Lil Rossco in my house some time back – desperately trying to keep it uptempo and funky …

Spragga killed it with an ironic and playful hook – saying – he is mr simple, while also being completely unique… a humble brag so to speak.

My lyrics are about the fact given the billions on this planet – you probably have met another like me… clumsy, ADHD dyslexic –  with a mum like the queen and a sister who rolls in the hood in Jamaica…

We’ll maybe..

What have you got lined up for 2021?

Bringing out a single a month for the foreseeable with various collaborators…With some tasty drum and bass remixes.

A new project called Rebel ACA & Dr Square, along with producing and collaborating with Spragga again to release Chiliagon II and Chiliagon III, and working to release a Hollow Point, Lil Rossco and other artists for butter cuts…