By Frank Bell

Rebecca Carozzi has burst onto the scene in a way that can’t go unnoticed. The Milan born songstress provides an eclectic mix of RnB and Pop, which results in a hugely potent talent with a lot in store. Her latest single Crossed The Linev typifies Rebecca’s style and nuance, giving the nod to both Jamiroquai and Rihanna, her tonic blend of vocals coupled with an upbeat, bass driven production is an instant hook. 

Taking full advantage of Covid-19, Rebecca took this time to realise her talents and true potential as an artist, constantly writing and finding inspiration in what was the darkest of times for a lot of us. This shows dedication and commitment from still such a young artist, and with ‘Crossed The Line’ only being her third release, there is surely plenty more to come from Rebecca Carozzi.

Rebecca speaks about the meaning behind Crossed The Line: “I wrote this song because I wanted to call out, in a fun way, all the guys that cross the line and don’t respect boundaries/only care about their well-being to the detriment of others. The writing process was very organic, as soon as I had an idea, I sort of went with it without overthinking it too much.”