All the reasons why E-cigarettes are taking over from regular cigarettes

Regular readers of the glossy magazines and celebrity gossip websites will undoubtedly be aware already of a growing trend in the world of A-listers and media personalities – vaping. If you’re not familiar with vaping, it can come as something of a surprise to see your favourite celebrity or pop star using one of these curious contraptions, but vaping is hugely popular within the showbiz world.

E-cigarettes have become incredibly popular in recent times, especially with people who are looking for alternatives to smoking conventional cigarettes. E-cigarettes provide nicotine and a vapour that gives a similar experience to regular cigarette smoke, but without the harmful tar and other chemicals that are found in normal cigarettes. For people who are looking for a proven way to give up smoking in a controlled and effective way, e-cigarettes are an excellent option.  

Using e-cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes means that ‘vapers’ aren’t exposed to the harmful chemicals that regular cigarettes contain, and so they are at far less risk of harming their health. This has been proven by research carried out by the NHS, who found that e-cigarettes are 90% healthier than conventional cigarettes.

One of the reasons why vaping has really taken off amongst celebrities is that it’s far less damaging to your appearance than smoking. Cigarette smoke can damage your skin, hair, teeth and nails, especially over time. Vaping has none of these downsides, simply giving off a pleasant vapour. In an environment where appearance is everything, it’s no wonder that celebrities have turned to vaping in such numbers.

Vaping is also ideal for people with busy lives, as e-cigarettes are so quick and easy to use.

Simply press the button, and the e-cigarette is on and ready to use. There’s no fumbling around looking for a lighter, and no mess. If you’ve only got time for a quick puff, that’s no problem, whereas with a conventional cigarette, you either have to smoke the whole thing or waste it.

If you’re a regular smoker and you’re thinking of switching to e-cigarettes, why not take the plunge?

Switching to vaping is easy and cost-effective, and you’ll likely wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner. Isn’t it time that you found out what all those celebrities have already discovered – that vaping is so much more than a niche interest, and e-cigarettes are a smart move on the path to quitting regular cigarettes.