By Andrea Clarke
RAZORLIGHT star Bjorn Agren has revealed their show at Tennent’s Vital on Tuesday will be just as explosive as their performance at the upcoming Reading Festival.
The guitarist says Vital at Belfast’s Ormeau Park is the band’s last “rehearsal” before the long-standing festival next weekend, adding: “It’s going to be a final rehearsal, a final test before Reading.
“Everything that we’re going to have at Reading we’re going to have at Vital as well.
“It’s going to be big, lots of lights and stuff going off and various little bits”.
Razorlight played to a sold out crowd at the Waterfront Hall earlier this year and are excited to headline Northern Ireland’s biggest outdoor concert.
“It’s going to be fun”, said Bjorn.
“We always do really, really good gigs in Belfast for some reason”.
And the musician is hoping for some good weather too.
He said: “The outdoor gigs are obviously very dependent on weather, the sound in the rain tends to be a muffled.
“If the weather’s nice outside at a festival the vibe is just incredible, it really, really is. You feel the vibe coming off of the crowd if it’s a nice day”.
The band, who’s self-titled album went in at number one, are realistic about their future chart success and don’t expect the next album to do as well.
Bjorn said: “There’s probably a massive amount of pressure on us to repeat the same success as the last album. We tend not to care about that stuff too much.
“What we always wanted to do was evolve as a band, it was never evolve as a cash cow. Everyone pretty much knows that the next album won’t sell as much as this one will, I mean it’s pretty ridiculous, selling more than one million albums for a band anyway.
“But I think what’s way more interesting is if we can make another album that’s even better with regards to songwriting and what the band sounds like.
“We’re just really interested in evolving, changing and becoming better and better. It’s like being a musical shark, you have to move to survive”.
The boys are currently working on material individually before heading into the studio when they’ve finished touring.
“I think when we have time and a place to do it in, we’ll get together then write without any obstructions or distractions, which will be nice”, added Bjorn.
“I’m in the process of compiling my demos right now, then I’ll put all that on a CD and I’ll give it to everyone in the band and see if it tickles anyone’s fancy”.
Tickets for Tennent’s Vital, Tuesday August 21 and Wednesday August 22, at Ormeau Park, Belfast are available from all Ticketmaster outlets, priced £38 each or £70 for a two day ticket.

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