RAZ & AFLA Suggest WE GO DANCE With New Afrobeat Tune

By JJ Disco

Raz & Afla are the rarest of combos who between them carry the raw talent and creativity of a full symphony orchestra.

Their tried and tested transcontinental chemistry has brought them plaudits and success across the dance community from heavyweight labels, producers, DJs, and promoters waiting in line to work with Raz, the Hackney-based producer, and Afla, the Ghanaian / London based musical maestro who once again delivers an Afrobeat floor filler for summer 2021 poignantly entitled We Go Dance

Organic percussion, infectious grooves, lush vocal hooks, and analog synths are taking the track on a jacking cosmic journey through the entire African continent and beyond. On this track, Afla inflects in his inimitable style and Ghanaian dialect, “Let’s go! We will dance.” We Go Dance is being released at the beginning of the summer in time for the re-opening of festivals and raves across the world.