RAY DAWN Drops Smooth Vocals On New Track FLEX

After ranking fifth in hip hop legend Common’s music competition, Ray Dawn knew he needed to get back to the creative writing he loves so much.  His new track, Flex is full of laid back rhymes alongside slow transitions into each instrument used at the start of the track, Ray knows how to keep the attention of the listener.  

The Atlanta based artist has always felt he’s had restraints on his life, but it’s clear to see in this new track and in future music, that the restraints have been broken as the creative juices are flowing once again.  Ray has consistently put in the work to make his flows be at the forefront of rap.

Ray Dawn explains Flex is about enjoying the fruits of my labor, refusing to be lackadaisical, keeping my foot on the gas and manifesting my vision. Life is good, but I’m looking forward to it being even better.”