‘Rasta Dance’ by François Marius exudes uplifting vibes that are sure to bring a smile to your face

It’s ska-meets-punk with plenty of soul, pop energy and that undeniable reggae bounce
1 December 2023

By Ella Gaynor

Based in Estonia, Canadian-born artist François Marius describes himself as a dancer, first and foremost. When he makes music, he makes music to dance to. This truth becomes self-evident when listening to his latest track, Rasta Dance. It’s a multi-elemental tune, reggae at its core, but boundary-defying. It’s ska-meets-punk with plenty of soul, pop energy and that undeniable reggae bounce that will have you swaying along from the opening bars.

Marius, when creating, is focused on what the vibe will be, and how the rhythm will make the body move when listening to it. The music video is directly influenced by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, lending the track its name, and Marius acknowledges this influence as a conscious choice: ‘[the song] displays an infinity of colors and aromas’. He goes on to say that his thoughts expressed within the song ‘can reveal many secrets of the art of living’

Recorded between Canada and Estonia, the track was produced in London in the renowned Abbey Road Studios. Here, Marius collaborated with mastering engineer and Grammy Award-winner Simon Gibson to complete Rasta Dance, cementing the track’s status, and promising its global potential.

Acknowledging his own gratitude at being part of such a collaboration, François Marius says: ‘It has been a great honour and privilege collaborating with him …Thanks to his exceptional work, the production quality shines through, with crystal clear instrumentation and vocals.’

Marius spent last winter mastering the keyboard and the Cuica to add to the track’s cacophony of sound. Marius brings sounds together like a chef does flavours, mixing them with rhythm to melt into our listening ears. Rasta Dance will see you begging for another helping – and another, and another! The rich instrumentation combined with the artist’s strong, sure-footed vocals makes for remarkable listening. 

Stream Rasta Dance now, if you’re not already listening. It’s a summer track full of positive vibes that is guaranteed to get you smiling. Keep an eye on François Marius’ socials for more releases.