Rapper Banggz returns with new single ‘Who’s Gassing Who?’

"There are so many approaches that musicians take to make their break."
15 March 2022

By JJ Disco

Ottawa-based rapper Banggz has unveiled his latest single, Who’s Gassing Who? The hip-hop banger arrives alongside an equally impressive music video and continues what has been a fantastic few years for the Nigerian-born rapper, who has been rising in the hip-hop scene for a while now. 

With its hard-hitting beat and Banggz’s elite rap flow and impressive lyricism, the track proves just why Banggz is up next and one to watch out for. Responsible for writing and producing the track, it becomes clear after listening that Banggz is a special talent and a great addition to the hip-hop scene.

Speaking more on the release, Banggz says, Who’s Gassing Who? is a question I ask myself often. There are so many approaches that musicians take to make their break. This song is me being confident in my genuine approach as opposed to searching for a quick buzz. I want to know if my perspective is valid or not. Who’s gassing who?”

Clearly an artist with a lot of raw, natural talent, Banggz has a huge future ahead of him, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. In the meantime, Who’s Gassing Who? is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.