RAPHAEL’s journey through the stars: revealing ‘Dreams’

“When the heart intercepts the mind, in peace, you feel aligned”
28 October 2023

RAPHAEL, the singer-songwriter extraordinaire, introduces his newest musical jewel, Dreams. This R&B and pop-infused single serves as a testament to his unmatched vocal mastery and the artful finesse of his songwriting abilities.

From the first note, Dreams captivates with its exquisite craftsmanship, weaving together RAPHAEL’s soulful voice with an array of musical elements. The production is a delicate fusion of piano, sequenced drums, violins, and ethereal background vocals. The result is a harmonious blend that mimics an angelic choir, enveloping listeners in a positive, melodic atmosphere.

The genesis of Dreams is as poetic as the song itself. RAPHAEL, in a moment of creative serendipity on his way home from work, tinkered with the chorus and verses until they seamlessly meshed together. The experimentation yielded a song that felt complete for the first time, a true reflection of the artist’s journey in finding the perfect harmony.

When asked about the track, RAPHAEL shares insight into his favorite line: “When the heart intercepts the mind, in peace, you feel aligned.” This poignant lyric delves into the universal struggle of balancing heart and mind, a theme that resonates with the listener.

According to RAPHAEL, love brings harmony, where both the head and the heart find agreement, creating a serene sense of truth​: “a lot of times we struggle for a sign and do we think with our heart or decide with our head and the truth is in love both the head and the heart are in agreement and you are at peace because it feels like it’s truth”​

Accompanying Dreams is a visually stunning music video that adds another layer to the song’s narrative. The video tells the tale of an astronaut stranded in a desolate desert, accompanied only by a grand piano, as he sings about his dream love.

RAPHAEL explains the choice of an astronaut as a metaphor, describing it as a beacon for humanity—a symbol of love that transcends boundaries. In his words, “I like the astronaut as a metaphor and a beacon for humanity. An Astronaut can be anyone behind the mask. A symbol of love which is inclusive of everyone and we all have a right to dream and to love.”

RAPHAEL’s mastery of soul-stirring and contemplative melodies is reinforced as Dreams permeates the airwaves.


Photos by Vybrant Images