raindearFollowing the release of her sparkling and stimulating debut album ‘Embers’, exquisite Swedish bohemian electro-pop songstress Raindear – aka Rebecca Bergcrantz – shares standout track ‘Feathers’.

Which she describes so…”‘Feathers’ is about decadent and dangerous love. It is about feelings of such an indifferent kind, they become overwhelming and passionate, cause they’re so fleeting so you might as well give all of yourself as you can easily lose everything the next second. It’s about fleeting rushes of passion that switches into fear and danger and back to indifference. It’s got kind of a trippy, reality-escaping message too. But the main point of the song is that you that you can feel light as a feather but still have a heavy bleeding heart….”

Raindear told us: ‘Embers’ is an album that I’m really proud of and it pretty much turned out as I visioned it beforehand. It’s a result of a lot of feelings I had last year. The title Embers stands for the moment between birth and death, just as embers would be in a flame context. And that moment, is fucking weird…”raindear1The first single taken from ‘Embers’, was ‘I’m The Ice’, a song about a someone who is frozen, passive and unhappy in a situation…“Deep below this heartache, there’s a fire burning.”

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