Rachel SageNYC-base soulful singer, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer, Rachael Sage, announces the release of her dance inspired new album ‘Choreographic’, out this Autumn.

To get a taste of her sweetly enchanting “ballet-pop” bliss, here’s the sparkling video for the album’s standout track – about bullying – titled ‘I Don’t Believe It’, featuring eleven-year-old, 3-time national dance champion Kaci King…

Speaking about the album – a merge of folk, pop and rock – Sage says: “I envisioned each song as a fully-choreographed multi-media experience…Making this album was a meditation on my lifelong relationship to ballet and more recently, to lyrical dance. Dance gave me virtually everything I cherish as an artist: melody, expressiveness, a sense of ensemble, a love of costume and fashion, and foremost, discipline.”

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