RACHAEL SAGE Introduces Us To Her Demons With The Perceptive And Dark New Track CHARACTER

If you are already accustomed to Rachael Sage’s upbeat and bright songwriting style, prepare yourself for an auditory double-take as the first few notes of new track Character set in. 

With this latest release, Sage proves she can truly represent the full spectrum of human emotion in her music. It should make any listener incredibly excited for her upcoming album. Also titled Character, it details her meditations on an incredibly challenging year, in which she overcame an endometrial cancer diagnosis and treatment period.

The emotions harnessed in this latest release are those of rigid determination and resilience. This new lyric video perfectly reflects this struggle to find internal strength, utilising a remarkable range of visual motifs to explore Sage’s unparalleled lyrical expertise. The decision to use a lyric video to promote this song was an inspired move – Rachael’s dissection of her own subconscious becomes more apparent as we see patterns of explorations through her lyrical content. The song is an introversion, Sage asking herself what it is that brings her strength, faith, and yes, character.

The effect is profoundly impressive. 

Whilst it cannot be expected to fully understand all the nuances that such a life-changing diagnosis, treatment and recovery period would have on an individual, Sage’s music does enough to illustrate perfectly the weight of this ordeal. We don’t know the names of her demons, or the words of doubt they whisper to her, but we can get a sense of how big this darkness is, its shape and what it demands of her. We can begin to understand how it feels to be asked to weather this particular storm.

If this song is exemplary of Rachael Sage’s upcoming album, I for one can’t wait to see what the rest of Character brings.

Watch the lyric video for Character here: