RABBII 2Stockholm’s exciting project RABBII (aka Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception) – led by Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson – unveil this sleek video, directed by RABBII & Shora Dehnavi, for standout new tune ‘New Friends’, which is out now via Swedish independent Hidden Mothers.

‘New Friends’ is another slice of their sweetly dark-synth-pop sound upon Johanna’s sultry siren-esque vocals. “We want our art to feel so organic, that every cable and wire is more like a living thing. I think humanity is in this weird ‘eye of the storm era’ right now” say the duo.
RABBIISpeaking on her upbringing by deaf parents and also as an accomplished footballer, her decision to drop the national academy and to pursue music instead, Johanna reveals: “I just loved to sing and create music…It became an escape from a dysfunctional family life.”