RABBII unveil ‘All Men Must Die’

RABBII – Revoutions Are Best Before Initial Inception – the Stockholm’s exciting project led by Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson share new track ‘All Men Must Die’, out now via Hidden Mothers/ Roxy Recordings.

Speaking of their new sweetly sharp and relevant, dark-synth-pop gem, enchanting Johanna says…”The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one. And we have a problem with what our culture does to men. We live in a world where women feel the need to have their keys between their fingers going home just to feel safe. People who use violence, rape, are racists, who put their millions in tax havens and starts wars have one thing in common. They are almost always men. Either we kill this cultural monstrosity we’ve created, or we all die. And to those who say #notallmen…You’re part of the problem.”


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