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R.Y.F. explores the depths with ‘Blue’ feat. Moor Mother

"It comes directly from the sea of Stromboli, written after a catamaran trip"
2 February 2024

Within the musical landscape where genuine emotion and depth merge, R.Y.F., spearheaded by Italian singer-songwriter and musician Francesca Morello from Ravenna, unveils an intense journey of sound and sentiment with her latest album, Deep Dark Blue. Slated for release on April 5th, 2024, through Bronson Recordings, the album aims to immerse listeners in an underwater odyssey, reaching beyond the ocean’s depths to touch the core of human emotion and experience.

The lead single, Blue featuring Moor Mother, is a mesmerizing track that combines pulsating grooves, hip-hop beats, and a nocturnal exploration mood. Morello describes Blue as a song born from the daze of observing Stromboli’s sea, and Moor Mother’s lyrical prowess perfectly complements this vision, creating a synergy that Morello finds exhilarating.

“Blue is in my blood / Under my skin” and Moor Mother’s imperious spoken word descends from above. Morello says: “Blue comes directly from the sea of Stromboli, written after a catamaran trip. The song revolves around the daze of observing that intense blue, which called me and sucked me in, and the sensation I felt after diving in. I thought it was an exciting song to send to Moor Mother for a collaboration. Her lyrical contribution is perfect and the result literally drove me crazy: every time I listen to it I can’t help but smile

Deep Dark Blue is described by Morello as an underwater, perhaps even a deep-sea album, where the sound is dark and muffled, reminiscent of being enveloped in a blue bubble or a sea cocoon. This environment serves as a sanctuary for regeneration and peace, yet it vibrates with an energy that is palpable throughout the album’s tracks. This new release is born from a transformative experience in the sea of Stromboli, Sicily, symbolizing a narrative of suffering and healing that confirms R.Y.F.’s power to destabilize and transcend.

Morello explains: “The sound is dark and muffled, as if we were in a sort of cradle, a blue bubble, a sea cocoon in which to wrap ourselves to regenerate and achieve peace, but whose casing also conveys energy

Morello shares her personal tribulations, particularly over the last two years dealing with her wife’s health issues, which left her feeling “broken inside“. Deep Dark Blue articulates this period of her life and her aspirations for rebuilding herself. It continues to champion the freedom to love, while also daring to address suffering with irony and joy – a testament to the album’s therapeutic essence.

Photo by Simona Diacci Trinity

She reveals: “Sometimes I experience moments of great suffering, in the last two years caused by my wife’s health problems. I was “broken inside” and I didn’t know if I would be able to go back to the way I was before. Deep Dark Blue tells how I felt and how I would like to rebuild myself. I still talk about the freedom to love, but I also felt the need to talk about suffering, and I tried to do all this with irony, in the most joyful way possible. And it worked. That’s why this is also a healing album”

The album is a collaborative effort, featuring notable guests like Moor Mother, Skin of Skunk Anansie, and Alos (Stefania Pedretti). These collaborations, rooted in feminism, queerness, and political activism, amplify the album’s resonance in today’s climate of new repressions.

Following the critical acclaim of her previous album Everything Burns in 2021, Deep Dark Blue shifts towards colder tones, with imagery of waves and tears refracting through its powerful and emotionally charged songs. The album’s sonic landscape, crafted with both software and analog instruments, was developed alongside Maurizio “Icio” Baggio, enhancing its dark electro-punk essence with touches of alt-metal, industrial doom, and experimental interludes.

Deep Dark Blu stands as a testament to R.Y.F.’s genre-spanning capabilities and her commitment to addressing a range of themes from suffering to queer and feminist subversion. It’s an album that promises not just an auditory experience but a transformative journey, offering listeners the chance to emerge differently, reborn through the power of music.

Morello concludes with: “There’s a great variety of atmospheres. My desire to compose a deep blue album guided me towards the “blue” in the broadest sense of the term. I have always loved great voices like those of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston, up to the classics of Motown Records. To get to Skin’s Skunk Anansie, fundamental in my listening between the 90s and early 2000s. In the same period, at the beginning of the 90s, I also appreciated the production of house music. These women have left us a gigantic legacy”

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