Quincey Black English drops soul-baring alt-rock single ‘Pray For You’

"It's about being so committed to someone and how you used to pray for them”
25 April 2024

Quincey Black English, also known as Q.B.E., returns with his latest Alt-Rock single, Pray For You, offering a glimpse into his forthcoming 7-track EP, Art Ache. Through this emotionally charged release, Q.B.E explores themes of heartbreak and the struggle of losing faith in loved ones.

Pray For You effortlessly blends electronic beats reminiscent of artists like Post Malone and xxxtentacion with dynamic pop-rock drumming, showcasing Q.B.E.’s versatility and innovative spirit. The outcome is a striking and unique sound that engages listeners, offering a revitalizing sonic experience.

In exploring the song’s origins and lyrical journey, Q.B.E. shares, “It’s about being so committed to someone and how you used to pray for them – and the despair that you experience when – they turn around and slap you in the face with disappointment.”

Pray For You goes beyond the realms of heartbreak, delving into the profound spiritual turmoil sparked by betrayal. Through its poignant lyrics and evocative melodies, Q.B.E explores the depths of emotional struggle. With a dedicated online fan base eagerly anticipating his next release, Q.B.E extends an invitation to listeners to join him on a journey of introspection and healing.

As anticipation grows for the EP Art Ache, Q.B.E. solidifies his place as a groundbreaking figure in the Alt-Rock scene. His music resonates deeply, offering a reminder to confront inner conflicts and reclaim one’s spiritual identity. Through his artistry, Q.B.E. inspires personal growth and resilience, leaving a lasting impact on his audience.