QuickFire Questions with Scottish electronic duo Gefahrgeist on their latest single ‘Limbo’

"The astronaut getting cut off from their ship happens so often in films and whenever I see it I can’t help but wonder about the poor person!"
8 September 2022

By Vanessa B

We caught up with Scottish electronic act Gefahrgeist recently for a quick chat on their captivating new single Limbo.

The experimental duo is comprised of two of Scotland’s most exciting up and coming musicians, Fiona Liddell & Niall Rae, a singer songwriter from Glasgow and a producer and bassist from Aberdeen, respectively. Their debut single Graceless was included in The Herald’s Top 100 Scottish Songs of 2020, and their subsequent two singles Nukular and Parasites also received critical acclaim.

Limbo is a deftly crafted musical art piece with a fresh concept and immersive, soothing feel, almost like a deep space lullaby. Echoing layers of synth combine to create a richly textured soundscape suggesting the awesome galaxies and vastness witnessed by the song’s protagonist, a lone traveller stranded helplessly in space, reflecting on their situation and the nature of existence before gradually descending into a black hole. Meanwhile Liddel’s ethereal vocals and poetic lyrics converge against the background intermittently to transmit the narrative through vivid imagery that create that sense of floating aimlessly in an endless nothingness.

Sit back and space out with this stunning track, and read our QuickFire interview with Liddel below.

How do you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

Our music blends a lot of different genres and influences together. It’s definitely electronic with a little pop, a little rock and some cinema soundtrack thrown in!

What inspired you to write from the perspective of a sole voyager drifting on a journey through space?

The astronaut getting cut off from their ship happens so often in films and whenever I see it I can’t help but wonder about the poor person! The song is my take on what that person might be thinking about as they drift off into the unknown.

How did you both meet and start making music together?

We met when we joined the same band about 4 years ago. We would often drive to gigs together and we started showing each other tracks we were working on. Niall’s were all instrumental epics and I offered to write lyrics and sing for them. I was told ’No’! But I did him a demo anyway and he was convinced. From there, we started working together on songwriting and producing and have released five singles to date.

What changes would you like to see in both the Scottish music scene and the electronic music scene?

I think Scottish musicians have a bit of a disadvantage when compared to the rest of the UK as they’re often lumped in this one massive group whereas musicians down south tend to be grouped into their cities. I’d like to see more support and nurturing for each Scottish city’s independent scene. Edinburgh is notorious for not having enough medium-sized venues, for example. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do would be to build a state-of-the-art multiple-stage venue in the heart of the city!

What have been some of your favorite experiences so far as musicians?

We had an incredibly lucky break managing to score our debut gig at Hidden Door Arts in 2021! To be invited to play at such a prestigious festival as our first gig was an honour and really intimidating at the same time. Fortunately, the gig went really well and we connected with some other amazing Scottish electronic acts while we were there. We’ve really enjoyed the process of crafting our live set so that it sounds different from our recorded music. You still get that ‘live’ feeling even though it’s electronic music. We’re not just standing around pushing buttons!

What’s next for you?

At the start of next year, we’re planning on recording, filming and releasing our first live EP in a studio in Edinburgh. We’ll be pulling out all the stops with our live band, a string quartet, brass band, the lot! It’s a very ambitious project so we’re spending all our energy organising and rehearsing for that. We hope to host a small Scottish tour to go along with the release.

Connect with Gefahrgeist and stream or download their music via the links below.