QuickFire Questions with Sahara Beck

"I hope that by sharing my experience with Anxiety - as hard as it is to be vulnerable – that it helps others in the same way that the process of writing this song helped me."
27 April 2022

By Vanessa B

We caught up with promising Australian indie pop artist Sarah Beck as she shares ‘Stillness‘ the 3rd Single from a forthcoming EP. The track delicately explores a sense of overwhelm and fragility with a somewhat dreamlike quality, with murmuring vocals overlaying moody drumbeats and guitars.

On the production of the track Sahara shared: “I really wanted those heavy guitars in the chorus to accompany the soft, calm singing, the guitars are the (traffic) noise that were once overwhelming, but in juxtaposition to the kind of meditative vocal I was going for, they become like a soft cushion surrounding me.

Tell us everything we need to know about ‘Stillness’. What is the story behind it?

I suffer from very intense anxiety sometimes which if I’m not doing the right exercises can turn into panic attacks that will often last for a whole day. It’s the most intense, debilitating and uncomfortable feeling I can think of. One day I was writing with my friend Alex Henriksson and we were talking about anxiety like It’s traffic rushing around you, blocking up your vision and your thoughts. The only way to not get worked up is to find stillness within yourself and stop thinking about why the traffic is there- it just is. This is how the song ‘Stillness’ evolved.

I hope that by sharing my experience with Anxiety – as hard as it is to be vulnerable – that it helps others in the same way that the process of writing this song helped me. It’s a journey, and I’m working through it.

Where do you think your music fits in today’s world?

I think maybe my music is for the loners that just want to share their love with everyone 😊.
Who knows, it’s a very big world… But my music seems to connect with a broad audience, I am unashamed of how I write and how I deliver my music and I think people connect with that honesty and openness.

My voice is my vehicle for connection – and love. And I think people appreciate that. I don’t think I want to define it or put it in any kind of box more than that.

What drives your music?

My music is the tool I use to think things through and it enables me to let go. Whenever I stop writing for a lengthy period of time I become scattered and overwhelmed.

What has your musical journey been like so far and where do you hope to see it go?

My music journey so far has been a bit of everything, up, down, sideways… like most artists I have had some incredible highs and some crushing blows and a few unexpected twists and turns.
I would love to see one of my songs connect with a large audience and for it to help them in some way, to bring people joy. And I hope I am able to tour around the world and write with or for some of my heroes!

What do you like to do when not making music?

I paint, I garden, and I work in music disability care.

What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

I have some shows in Australia just ahead of the release of my EP (which I will be announcing very soon!) and then we are flying to the UK and to Germany!

We have some very exciting shows planned for a project called BITE CLUB that I co-created with Briefs Factory International. It features music from across my entire catalogue. These shows haven’t been announced yet so I’m not sure if I can say what they are but one is a very big festival in June in the UK, followed by a season of shows in London and a big arts festival in Scotland! I’m also heading to Berlin for a few weeks to see some of my family and to do a bunch of writing sessions. That’s all happening in June/July and August. After all of that I’ll be heading back home again in September to hopefully play some summer festivals and start planning the release of more new music!