QuickFire Questions with Mia Mormino on ‘Joan Of Arc’

"I created this song as a reminder to regain control of the power we are often manipulated into thinking we don't have."
19 August 2022

By Vanessa B

This week we caught up with the incredibly creative, up-and-coming independent singer-songwriter Mia Mormino as she shares her recent single Joan Of Arc. Los Angeles native, Mia’s oeuvre is a study in embracing authenticity and vulnerability and outlines a journey of self-love through an honest and confessional approach to songwriting. Mormino prolifically creates and stars in elaborate conceptual music videos that correspond with the themes of her singles, showcasing her imaginative and storytelling skills.

Joan Of Arc was released partly in response to current events, as Mormino explained:

This song has many layers of meaning and as time has gone on, those layers have continued to stack. I’ve had this song in the vault for a little while now, debating when I should release it, how I should release it, etc. But recently, the Supreme Court’s heinous decision-making has added a new layer of meaning, which as a result pushed me to release this now.

This song represents rebellion, transformation, and the journey of reclaiming the power we’ve always had but are often times manipulated into thinking otherwise.

A rousing tale of courage in the face of adversity, Joan Of Arc is offered as a cinematic anthem encouraging listeners to transform their pain into power. The 3-minute track features dramatic instrumentals that set the epic backdrop to Mia’s alternatingly soft and smouldering vocals that deftly take command of the narrative. Opening in subdued and gentle tones before suddenly exploding with power at the chorus, the song’s lyrics describe a heroine’s phoenix-like transformation from the ashes (“pain and power that I chose / left my heart so cold“) to “rising now / as I watch it all burn down“.

Describing her inspirational thought process behind the song’s theme of self-empowerment Mormino shared: “I’ve always wanted a song that encapsulates the visual of standing up to those who’ve doubted your abilities, strength, and power so… I created it.”

For compelling alt-pop music with an empowering femme edge, this exciting artist is definitely one you should have on your radar. Make sure to listen to Joan Of Arc and read our exclusive QuickFire Questions interview with Mormino below.

Can you talk us through the thought process behind Joan Of Arc?

Absolutely! The process of creating Joan Of Arc was nothing less than invigorating, fulfilling, and BEYOND expressive. I knew I wanted this song to tell a story, one that is often overlooked in this world full of facades. But, for myself and my listeners, I created this song as a reminder to regain control of the power we are often manipulated into thinking we don’t have. I’m in love with how this song came out, and I’m looking forward to creating more just like it.

Is there any particular line from Joan of Arc that sums up the song’s message best for you?

I’d say, “I stayed silent but won’t be ignored, with no guidance I withdrew my sword” sums up the message of Joan of Arc. This is because I’m inviting the listener to witness this story unfold of a woman who turns her pain into power (this woman is me). She did what she was told, kept quiet, and never used her voice to her advantage until one day, it all switched. This girl didn’t have anyone on her side and still chose to fight for herself.

What would your fans say they appreciate the most about you? How have your fans helped to shape your career and message?

My authenticity, honesty, and vulnerability are what my fans appreciate the most about me. I say, post, and write about what’s real, rather than giving into the fake world of “perfection” that is social media. My fans have helped shape my overall message because the more they encourage my truth, the more inspired and motivated I am to share it. It’s like this very healthy loop of positivity and support, and I couldn’t be more blessed.

If you had to describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Three words to describe my sound…that’s a tough one due to the immense amounts of artists and styles I pull my inspiration from. But, if I had to only choose three, I’d say cinematic, haunting, and angelic.

What are some of the qualities about you that make you such a good storyteller in music?

First of all, thank you!!!!!! I thrive off of storytelling, so the fact that it’s recognized is so cool. I think I’ve had success in my storytelling because of how much I did it as a little girl. I used to create these elaborate stories at the dinner table where my fork was a princess, and my knife was a prince. I always had these little figurines I took with me to play out the fantasy scenarios I dreamt about in my head. The list goes on. I more recently discovered that these tendencies to “daydream,” so to speak, were really just dissociative coping mechanisms to escape what was really going on around me. But! It makes for fantastic stories within my brain and my music!

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

One day, in elementary school, we painted trees, and I chose to paint mine red. My teacher came up to me and said, “Mia, paint the bark brown and the leaves green,” so I listened. When I came home that day, I told my dad what we did in school and explained the painting incident. Sitting on my bed, I said to him, “I just don’t understand why I can’t paint the tree red.” He took a moment, looked at me, and said, “Mia, paint the tree red .”That was his way of saying f the rules, express yourself how YOU want to and don’t listen to the opinion of others. It was the best and most influential advice I’ve ever been given. To this day, before I do anything creative, my dad always tells me to paint the tree red. So we actually have matching red tree tattoos as a constant reminder!!

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