Queens of the Stone Age Rock Belfast

By Janelle Russell
FAME contributor Janelle Russell took to the King’s Hall in Belfast last night to see rockers Queens of the Stone Age…find out what she thought….

QUEENS of the Stone Age (QOTSA) are an American rock band from California., who describe their sound as ‘robot rock’, however a lot of others have said it is more like ‘stoner rock.’ This is a claim however which they reject.
Before heading to the gig I thought, hmmmm, which is the more appropriate term?
But after the concert at King’s Hall last night, I would say they excel both titles.
I won’t hold back – the supporting act In Case of Fire was pretty deplorable.
They didn’t have any substantial stage presence at all and just didn’t seem to get anyone roused much.
They sang five or so songs, and I strained my ears each time to see if I could hear anything different each time. Alas, I did not.
Each song was as similar as its predecessor. Even a few of the drunken people remained stationary during their performance – and that is saying something.
They left the stage to forced applause and I think the majority of people were glad that they had left to be honest.
They were soon forgotten about and the mood was one of intense excitement.
When QOTSA finally took to the stage the crowd erupted and their fantastic opening performance of Millionaire was well appreciated by all.
They had set the bar high with the first performance, but things were only to get better as they performed much loved songs Sick Sick Sick, Go With the Flow and I Wanna Make It Wit Chu.
The highlight for me though was Little Sister, which sent the crowd wild.
All in all it was a fabulous set and the stage presence of QOTSA is electric.
It would’ve been very hard for anyone to come out and not feel elated after such a sensational show.