COBBLESTONE-TEARS-webEvery so often we at Fame come along an artist that we simply must get to know better. One such person is the slightly controversial ‘Tears For Annie’.

This is a lady who not only tackles the music industry, but also that of the art world. Her new EP Purple Heart is on release now and its video offers a wonderful insight into the offbeat world she creates artistically.

Thanks so much for agreeing to talk to us at Fame. We are very bigfans of your work. First up I guess we must ask you where the name Tears For Annie came from?

It’s a pleasure to talk to you. The name comes from when I was younger I used to wake up frequently in the
middle of the night and see a little girl at the end of my bed surrounded by a blue light.

I used to try and get up to reach her but I never could it just felt like I was being held down and all I could hear in my head was this voice saying ‘Annie
Annie Annie’.

Even though I couldn’t get to her I used to feel this strong sense of calm, it went on for a few years then she just stopped visiting. I missed her.TEARS FOR ANNIE mirror-webOver the years of interviewing musicians we have found many have an interest in art and even a talent for it. But to date you are the first we have met who blend both into one entity. Have you always been interested in art?

Yes I studied art and music at college and have always been interested in art particularly artists who are not afraid to show their inner demons.

I’m a huge fan of Jake and Dinos Chapman. I know lots of people perceive it as being sick but I think there’s a hint of innocence in their work which is a polar opposite to the vulgarity of it.tears for We know you create installations. I for one enjoy learning where an artist got their inspiration from when creating a piece. What inspires your work?

I work from an autobiographical point of view so my artwork is inspired by events in my life which I morph in to a surrealist nature. I think there’s something by working that way that makes it less painful for me because I’m not bounded by reality.

What about your music. Has that always been a passion of yours too?

Music is my biggest passion, the only way I can explain it is it makes me feel full.

I still love going out and buying records, they sound so much better. Although

I love the fact you can hear any music instantly on the internet I get very angry about illegal downloading. I can not support anyone arguing in favour of illegal downloading, it’s such cowardly robbery.

If you’re going to rob it at least have the balls to go into a shop and nick a hard copy.Tears For Annie MinneapolisHow exactly did you get into the music industry?

I shudder at the words ‘music industry’ there’s so many people claiming to be in it that are doing F all.

I set up a home studio and learnt to produce and went out gigging , I was meant to go out to the states and play but I had an incident with an immigration office who had deep regrets and more baggage than the airport itself , so he sent me back via a ten hour cell stay with unmentionables.

I’m at the beginning with Tears for Annie but I’m really looking forward to the EP coming out in March and the adventures it will bring.Tears PlasticOur readers have already had a brief preview of your work and viewed a video as well. But may we ask you to describe your new EP ‘Purple Heart’ in your own words to them?

Purple Heart is a collection of my own deeply personal memories, which is driven by an inner war inside, it also expresses my reactions to society’s underlying sadness.

So what is next for you. Have you any installations coming up that you would like to tell us about?

I’m really really hoping that I can do a tour this year, I’m working on ideas for it at the moment, first and foremost it’s about the music , playing live is where I feel most at home but I really want to combine piercing visuals alongside the performance either by video or interactive art.

Installation-wise I’ve been asked back to Berlin to follow up an exhibition I did last year which was about the vulgar sexualisation of women.

Part of this year’s exhibition will involve playing a spoken word piece through a small speaker held in my tightly shut mouth. The rest is top secret.

On the music front will we be seeing a full album by ‘Tears For Annie’ anytime soon?

Yes definitely, I’m producing it at the moment. I’m hoping it will be finished for the summer, I ‘d say I was half way there. Sonically it’s an extension of Purple

At the moment some of the tracks are in a pretty raw form and I like that, it’s truer.

It’s not going to be a heavily produced album, I work fast, when I get an idea I put it down and move on straight away.

What about live performances. Are they something you like to do ?

I love performing live, it’s truly where my heart lies. It brings a great sense of
serenity to me, for me it is vital to create, if I’m not creating in some form, then I’m a complete bitch.

Finally apart from art and music what else do you enjoy doing to keep your creative juices flowing?

I’m fascinated by serial killers and their thought processes. I’m doing an online criminal psychology course at the moment. I make wigs sometimes too.