PYYRAMIDS-+-Tim-Nordwind-+-Drea-Smith-+-photo-by-Eleanor-StillsEnjoy a sneak peak at ‘Brightest Darkest Day’, the rather amazing debut album from LA based PYYRAMIDS, released on April 9, 2013.

The band –helmed by Tim Nordwind from indie rock band OK Go and Drea Smith of the electro-pop outfit He Say/She Say –will preview material from the forthcoming album at SXSW.

Smith explains: “Brightest Darkest Day finds its creators once again venturing into fresh territory. “There’’s a pop sensibility to the album that’s bright but the sound and delivery is dark…”

Introduced by a mutual friend via email, Nordwind and Smith initially bonded over an affinity for first-wave British post-punk and 80’s Manchester bands.
Photo by Eleanor-Stills