The new PxSSY PWR collection is inspired by Jessica’s very own pink wig-wearing alter-ego, the sassy and comedic Charlene, and the rather impressive PxSSY PWR Spotify playlist. The collection features soft, high-quality, and ethically produced apparel.

Jessica states: “For me, PxSSY PWR is more than just a brand, it’s a movement… we all have the PxSSY PWR whether you’re a woman or a man… sometimes we just gotta dig a little deeper to find it.. to me it’s when we allow ourselves to shine in our truest, sexiest, most divine light! PxSSY PWR is about being who the f*ck you wanna be… tapping into that creative feminine flowww! All the P power Merch is 100% cotton, vegan, and ethically made”

Jessica’s latest album Sober, wasted, wasted, sober is out now.