Space Invaders slot
Space Invaders slot
Slot machines need no introduction. They’ve been around for ages, their reels spinning on and on. Surprisingly so, very little has changed as far as the slot experience itself. You pull a handle, press or click a button and let Lady Luck take control. The reels will stop, and it is the lady’s say whether you win, or not.

There is something liberating about the experience. You don’t need to work it, you just need to be there. Your mind can wonder to faraway lands, giving you a much-needed break from the daily grind. Spin on Lady Luck!slotspinners1All of this is about to change. Well, maybe not all of it. But finally, after more than a century of idle spinning the slot machine is about to get skilled. Or more like it, you. Slot Spinners hoping to win some real money will need to demonstrate their skills in order to pocket some cash.

Slots & Skills Are No Longer An Oxymoron

Relax, nobody is calling you a moron. The biggest revolution to come to the slot sphere is the introduction of skill-based slots. Slot makers and designers all over the world have set their marks on this future iteration. As truly sophisticated and complex computer games are now all the rage, the ancient slot premise is slowly losing its appeal, especially with the younger generation.slotspinners2So creating a more challenging slot experience is definitely a spin in the right direction. For example, Blue Crystal Labs, a young startup speared by former Zynga executive (the guys behind the Facebook phenomenon FarmVille) recently introduced the Simon Slot. This slot is based on the memory game Simon and players need to remember the sounds and symbols that light up while the reels are spinning and when they stop, to tap them back in the right order.

Skill needed for the Simon Slot: memory & basic gentle motor skills.

This is just the beginning, mind you. Another skill-based slot already introduced in the Space Invaders Slot. As the name suggests, it brings back to iconic Atari game and let the player, during bonus rounds, to shoot some spaceships for extra free spins.

Skill needed for the Space Invaders Slot: advanced invading-prevention skills.

What The Future Holds

As said, these are merely the early buds of skill-based slotting. It will still take a while until online gaming sites that offer hundreds of video and 3D slots, like Prime Slots for example, simple and fun slots that allow anyone to win real money, will change their selection of games. Which makes sense – history has made its point, chance-based slots are ridiculously popular.

But many slot developers are hard at work. NanoTech is working on two: one is a pinball-like slot machine called Vegas 2047 where players need to demonstrate real pinball skills in order to win, and CasinoKat, a maze runner slot game.

One can expect that with time the skill-based slots will evolve and become more and more challenging and complex, very much like their console and online cousins.

And there’s one more thing. In order to attract players to skill-based slots, makers are intending to increase the payback percentage per game. Meaning, the machines will be more inclined to award you with more substantial funds for your skills than their chance-based counterparts.

Which makes total sense – if you’ve got the skill you deserve then better be compensated for it rather then that elderly lady chain-smoking next to you making the cash.