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‘Put It on God’ and ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ by Maddy Suppez: A rising force merging soul, R&B, and hip-hop

With a voice that channels raw emotion, her music leaves an indelible mark on listeners, resonating with a unique blend of authenticity and depth
5 February 2024

Maddy Suppez, originating from Bandon, Oregon, is a beacon of artistic versatility in the contemporary music scene. A singer, songwriter, and healer, Maddy’s journey into the music world is a deep dive into the human soul’s complexities and its healing trajectory. With a voice that channels raw emotion, her music leaves an indelible mark on listeners, resonating with a unique blend of authenticity and depth.

Maddy Suppez’s recent releases, Put It on God and Smoke & Mirrors, transforms the landscape of alternative R&B with its enchanting sonic qualities.​ The songs is adorned with a jazz-inspired mix of electric piano, bass guitar, soft strings, and vocal accents, all set to the rhythm of a smooth drum beat. Her voice gracefully intertwines with the musical backdrop, creating an enthralling, almost hypnotic ambiance.

Exploring the intricate dance of intuition and life’s elaborate challenges, Smoke & Mirrors engages deeply with the concept of cosmic guidance. The chorus, echoing the eerie yet profound message that “everything is not what it seems,” encourages a reflective pause among listeners. It challenges them to discern the real from the deceptive and to attune themselves to the universe’s nuanced signals.

In a short span, Suppez has carved out a distinctive niche for herself, drawing on a rich palette of influences from the realms of contemporary R&B, soul, neo-soul, and nostalgic hip-hop, to US rap. Her musical inspirations include the likes of SiR, Erykah Badu, JID, and Aaron May, artists known for their depth and soul-stirring capacities. Maddy’s debut into the music industry was marked by her EP, “the bad beginning,” launching a prolific period of creativity and musical exploration.

Her subsequent albums, Indigo Child (2022) and 111 (2023), showcase her evolving artistry and deep-seated creativity. These works highlight her ability to blend genres seamlessly, creating a sound that is uniquely Maddy Suppez—a rich, edgy, and relaxing musical experience that defies conventional categorization.

As Maddy Suppez forges ahead, releasing tracks that provoke thought while providing solace, her musical journey reflects significant artistic evolution and a dedicated pursuit of soulful depth through her melodies. Her unique blend of edgy yet soothing sounds solidifies her position as an emergent force within the music scene, heralding a career brimming with creativity, collaborative endeavors, and, above all, a quest to facilitate healing through her art.