PUNT GUNS Release Jaw-Dropping Remix Album RMDx

By Frank Bell

In a fashion that has become customary to this epic-rock duo, Punt Guns have dropped a brutal reimagining of their 2020 self-titled album. Made up of 8 remixes, each more compelling than the last, RMDx is jam-packed with dance anthems that hark back to the 90s.

Working alongside Future Funk Squad, Glen Nicholls and Janette Slack, the LP presents fresh takes on fan favourite hits such as B1g Bang, Who Am I and 3Pots.

Having met at a school rock concert, the pair continue to educate their listeners with a gluttony of infectious rock riffs, meaty synth lines and driving rhythms. Likened to Justice, Rage and Muse, Punt Guns hulk-like sound certainly stands on its own two feet. The band have taken a different turn with this record, and we’re with them all the way.