It is not often you can justify the term living legend and be confident everyone will agree with you.

One man who fits the bill perfectly is Northern Irish music industry icon Terri Hooley. Hooley was a punk rock pioneer and the man who made the careers of many local bands along the way. He also founded the Good Vibrations record shop and record label.

Riding high on the praise the movie of his life is receiving, ‘the man with a thousand stories’ this past week re-launched his Good Vibrations store in Belfast’s Haymarket Arcade.

Good Vibrations will form an integral part of the Avalon Arts and Crafts Village which is situated in the arcade. We caught up with Terri at the launch and not only heard some fantastic stories, but learnt more about the shop and what the music industry means to him.

So Terri are you excited to have a new home for Good Vibrations?

Terri: I am. I love what they (Avalon Arts) are doing here and it is good to have a proper shop again.

Do you think independent record shops are still needed today. Especially when many people can buy their records/CDs online?

I do. People like to rummage through CDs etc and my vinyl sells well too. I have a mix of stuff and some real hard to find pieces as well.

How has the launch been today?

It has been fantastic and so nice to see so many people come along to support not only myself, but Avalon Arts too. I am so happy that people still remember me and what I am doing. I hope to see many friends old and new calling in.

What about the movie of your life. How did it feel to be a part of that project?

The movie is wonderful. I love it and think they did a good job or presenting what I went through in the early days. We made promo to try to get funding for the film (which Terri showed to us later at the after show party), I have already done some stuff for the DVD too.

I just can’t wait for it to be released. But I do hear it is doing well at festivals everywhere and that is unbelievable. Apart from the shop you still keep you hand in music wise by DJing. How is that going?

Very well. I have a regular night at The Hudson Bar across the street and get a good crowd. I play a wide range of music and even get guests in to DJ too. It is one big party really.

He added: “Nearly all the people who I knew in the music business are no longer in it and thousands of record shops have closed. The younger generation no longer go out and buy music and they expect it all for nothing.

Only a lunatic would try to run a record shop these days, you have to be a real music fan to buy it or sell it.”

Good Vibrations is situated in Haymarket Acrade Belfast. You can always befriend Terri on facebook and keep to date with his DJ nights and news on the movie too.
Photos by Fabrizio Belluschi©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk