Punk-Pop Rapper ANDRO ASTRO Shares Thrilling New Single VAMP CANDY

By Vee D

Brooklyn-based artist Andro Astro has shared their brand-new single Vamp Candy, a high-octane punk-pop-rap extravaganza that should be on everyone’s playlist. Fusing together rock guitar riffs with trap-infused hip-hop beats, the track arrives following a string of successful releases from Andro over the past few years, such as the brilliant Australia, and will surely propel the independent artist to even greater heights in the currently thriving punk-pop scene alongside some of their inspirations, which include MGK and Playboi Carti.

Speaking more on the track, Andro—who is gender fluid—says: “I wrote Vamp Candy very much enveloped in the new wave punk hip-hop energy. People are hungry for high-energy tracks that express both the discontent with the system and the joy of making it through Covid. The song is also a testament to how I’ve been feeling personally about my own identity. Lyrics like ‘half the world hate me’ speak to the negativity that non-binary/trans/gender fluid people have to deal with on a daily basis, but then I say forget about it, ‘they could never date me.’ You’re not going to be loved by everyone when you are unapologetically yourself and that’s ok – they’re not worth your time anyway.”

It’s clear Andro Astro is destined to be a star, and their quirky sound and style combined with their thought-provoking lyricism make them an exciting artist to watch out for over the next year as they unveil more new music and their audience grows even further. Vamp Candy is available now on all platforms: ffm.to/vampcandy