PsappLondon’s Psapp (Carim Clasmann, Galia Durant), are known for their Grey’s Anatomy theme tune, after a four-year hiatus, they make a welcome return with the very interesting new track ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’, out now via The State 51 Conspiracy.

The track serves as a perfect example of their jungle-esque beats and wonderfully catchy sound and you get a free download of it here.

The refrain in ‘Everything Belongs To The Sun’ was written by lead-singer Galia Durant’s daughter and the rest of the song was built from there. The lyrics “It doesn’t matter how much you change, I will remember you being this way” set a precedent for the forthcoming new album, a record that explores life, love, inevitable change and shared memories.

Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant met 12 years ago in a basement filled with plastic fish, compressors and elderly cushions and have been making music ever since.

Photo by Alessia Chiappino