Protect Your Pennies With Walletwatcher

Finance guru John Rennie this week launches a weekly show on online entertainment network BTPodShow, providing an essential guide to personal finance. Available to download exclusively on BT PodShow, Walletwatcher provides money saving advice you can trust to help you avoid a crisis with your cashflow!
Walletwatcher aims to help viewers save money and make wiser spending choices, by teaching even the most financially inept how to get better deals on savings, mortgages, insurance and more. Walletwatcher –

  • gives viewers long-term financial tips and suggestions of new money-saving methods. More than just another weekly finance show, Walletwatcher aims to provide a growing library of helpful personal finance advice.

    John Rennie said: “Hopefully people will have a bit of fun listening to the show, and start to understand how to make their money work for them… not the other way round! My ideal is that people should have a balanced work-leisure life, rather than work themselves to death. And make the money they have work harder for them. Walletwatcher is for anyone who wants to manage their money better… which is everyone I guess”

    A spokesperson for BTPodShow said: “The BT PodShow network has a broad range of programming to suit every taste. All of the shows are easy to download which gives those with busy lives easy access to content, whether viewers log on and watch at their desks or download the shows onto their iPods and watch them on the way to work.”

    Walletwatcher is just one of the shows available on BTPodShow; the online-entertainment network that allows users to play, collect, share and create millions of hours of programming, videos and music.

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