Project21 and Y’urs connect and write the light in the new single Out Of The Dark

"I wrote the song for freedom, peace, love and free expression...into the light"
12 June 2022

By JJ Disco

Anarchic Avant-garde artists collective Project21, unveil Out of the Dark, the fruit of the imposing collaboration of artists from Germany, Jamaica, Ireland and Wales connected through Covid lockdowns.

Project21’s leader Y’urs is an enigmatic and passionate artist obsessed with spreading a love for art and music across the planet.

Y’urs explains: “Out Of The Dark was driven by observing the literal and mental lockdown the human race has been subjected to. It’s a reaction to authorities’ successful mission to drive us into our homes, isolate families and loved ones, and see how far it could push us into the dark. I wrote the song for freedom, peace, love and free expression…into the light”

She adds: “Project 21 is my proposition that musicians and singers all over the world will always connect and write the light in music in order to overcome the dark period of lockdowns and loneliness – the solitude of the elderly and the fainting hope of artists unable to perform in a real way… Delmar and I started to play around with song ideas over the phone while he was sitting in Jamaica and myself in Ireland and I invited Nick, based in Spain, into the songwriting process. He provided 4 solid song foundations for me to add lyrics and vocal melody lines which I took to Mike in Germany where we crafted the songs into an advanced stage. Delmar later added his own lyrics and melodies to complete the circle and we started work on videos. Despite the lockdown and everyone living all over the world, we were still able to collaborate fluidly and challenge the dark with something hopefully optimistic and light. We have also created a benevolent fund called NOT SANTA, to help artists all over the world promote their work using whatever tools they need most.”

Y’urs operates from Ireland and Jamaica and continues to connect, support, and share the work of artists and collectives that use art to support social change.

Out of the Dark is out now on via Flip Flop Records.