Prinz Leo embraces youthful romance in ‘summer ahead’

"The song captures the reckless, all-consuming nature of being madly in love when you're young"
10 July 2024
Photo by @brodiemcbridefilms

Indie sensation Prinz Leo has unveiled his latest single, summer ahead, a poignant reflection on youthful love and its boundless optimism. No one sounds like Prinz Leo – his provocative style and raw honesty electrify audiences, cementing his status as a master rule-breaker. Inspiration struck on a rare sunny afternoon in London, where Prinz Leo found himself captivated by the nostalgic yet uplifting melody that would become summer ahead.

The track’s rich, resonant sound is anchored by Leo’s unique technique of looping a double bass bow on electric guitar, creating a musical backdrop that perfectly complements its unabashedly romantic lyrics. ​​In this melancholic serenade, love becomes a cosmic force beyond our grasp, blessed and tested by an unseen hand. Youth brings infectious enthusiasm, making the world feel fresh, exciting, and limitless. With every lyric, Leo dares you to thumb your nose at convention and take a flying leap of faith – all in the name of pursuing passion that burns bright. 

The essence of the track, according to Prinz Leo, is capturing that unconditional, hearts-racing-in-unison kind of love you can only experience when you’re young and unstoppable​, “The song captures the reckless, all-consuming nature of being madly in love when you’re young. It’s about embracing the extreme highs and lows, pushing boundaries together, and feeling like your relationship can conquer anything through sheer passion and force of will.” 

Prinz Leo
Photo by @brodiemcbridefilms
Styled by Prinz Leo Bespoke

Born into a family with a ten-generation legacy of tailoring in Schleedorf, Salzburg, Austria, Prinz Leo has effortlessly blended his heritage into his artistic path. Prior to pursuing music full-time, he honed his skills in tailoring with an apprenticeship and a stint at London’s prestigious Savile Row. 

This commitment to craftsmanship is evident not only in his music but also in his bespoke suit brand, Prinz Leo Bespoke, where he continues to excel as a master of both art forms. Prinz Leo’s illustrious career has spanned the globe, with unforgettable performances at the London Marathon, Vienna’s opulent opera houses, and trendy hotspots in Bern and Cannes – not to mention a packed schedule at London’s O2 Academy Islington. In a world of polished productions, he’s a breath of fresh air – a genuine article who spills his guts on stage, stirring something primal in those who dare to listen. 

With summer ahead, Prinz Leo returns to the spotlight, bringing a sonic landscape that harmonizes with our collective souls, transmitting messages that span the intimate to the universal.