‘Prince Charming (Went to Hell)’​ by Jess Stewart: The rising star of Gen-Z Pop

This song takes a bold step in exploring the fairytale notion of love that has been ingrained in us from a young age
11th January 2024

Emerging from the vibrant Cambridgeshire music scene in the UK, Jess Stewart is making waves as a singer, songwriter, and producer. She’s rapidly establishing her own space in the competitive music industry. Fusing Dance Pop with Soul, Jess’s unique sound is influenced by renowned artists such as Ariana Grande, Caity Baser, and Mimi Webb.

Jess kicked off her career with two captivating singles, Rewrite Memories and Twenties. Both tracks, embodying an upbeat dance-pop vibe, have received an overwhelmingly positive response, signaling the arrival of a promising new artist on the scene.

Now, Jess is gearing up to release her third single, Prince Charming (Went to Hell). This song takes a bold step in exploring the fairytale notion of love that has been ingrained in us from a young age. Through this track, Jess delves into the reality of modern dating and relationships, challenging the idealistic views often portrayed in traditional love stories.

Jess Stewart’s latest offering, Prince Charming (Went to Hell), brings a refreshing twist to her usual dance-pop rhythm. The track features smooth saxophone lines, groovy bass, and lyrics that are comically honest. This dynamic track takes a gentler tempo, illustrating the idealized fairytale romance of our youth and juxtaposing it with the realities of contemporary dating. It’s an anthem that celebrates self-value and genuineness, inspiring listeners to fully accept and embrace who they truly are.

The uplifting nature of Prince Charming (Went to Hell) serves as a reminder to stay true to oneself, offering comfort and reassurance amidst the complexities of love and relationships. The dreamy chords and soothing harmonies create an atmosphere that eases worries about the love life, resonating with listeners who navigate the often turbulent waters of modern dating.

As Jess Stewart continues to reshape the story of love and personal growth with her distinctive musical style, her path in the music world is certainly one to keep an eye on. Her talent for merging various genres, along with her skill in encapsulating the core of Gen-Z life, establishes her as a dynamic and relevant voice for today’s generation of music enthusiasts.