Primary Connection is a mixed media art exhibition by five East Belfast based artists, showcased in the historic Belmont Tower.
The Tower’s neighbour, Belmont Primary School, has provided the connection, five artists brought together by the next generation, in a venue built by a proud previous generation, when manufacturing and engineering were the backbone of an industrial city.

With that as a backdrop, Primary Connection brings together five different disciplines in one historic venue, disciplines that have their own roots inextricably linked to previous industrial generations.

Textiles, metalwork, ceramics, painting and photography, each has shaped and recorded a city that has grown and developed over the years through well documented trials and tribulations.
This exhibition is not a historical record or even an homage to the rich industrial history of East Belfast, rather it is five complimentary disciplines that happen to be the individual passions of the people involved, a collection of contemporary art in a location that reminds us where the basic skills were honed.

Heather Coulter’s photography records diverse subject matter and often includes the bricks and mortar of the Titanic Quarter and industrial Belfast, reflecting on the promise that the area holds for a regenerated Belfast.

Hazel McAnally’s fragile and fine fret cut metalwork is a perfect antithesis to the heavy steel used in the shipyard.

Yvonne Ballantine’s landscapes are often inspired by the natural elements and reflect on the compact nature of Belfast and its proximity to the countryside and seaside, whilst Sheelagh McConnell’s textile art combines a range of materials which reminds us of the diverse industrial mix of the city.

Lastly, Patrick Colhoun’s contemporary ceramics touch at times on more contentious subjects such as the religious and political divisions of the city.

Five artists, five disciplines, brought together by a future generation and a love of what they do.

Exhibition runs from 2.30pm on Friday 15th October with Reception at 7pm Friday evening. Saturday 10 am – 5pm. This event is supported by Cafe Smart, Belmont Road.