PRETTY GREENS AW16 JIMI HENDRIXTo celebrate 50 years since legendary artist Jimi Hendrix first visited London, Liam Gallagher’s Pretty Green reveals a unique collection inspired by the style and extraordinary talent of the legendary guitarist. Pretty Green’s AW16 Hendrix collection, is not only a tribute to Jimi’s iconic style, but a modern interpretation of the original fashion pieces worn by Hendrix himself.PRETTY GREENS AW16 JIMI HENDRIX1 Liam Gallagher explains: “Jimi Hendrix is an absolute force of nature. As Well as him being the best guitarist ever, he’s also one of the greatest songwriters; his lyrics and his voice are equally as good and his look is as out-there as his music. Not necessarily stoned but beautiful…”PRETTY GREENS AW16 JIMI HENDRIX3 Late guitarist’s adopted sister Janie Hendrix, says: “When working to develop an artistic entity that will bear Jimi’s name, collaborating with the right group of individuals is essential. Pretty Green has a strong rock and roll heritage, so they were the ideal partner to create a collection that embodies Jimi’s style for a new generation.
PRETTY GREENS AW16 JIMI HENDRIX2PRETTY GREENS AW16 JIMI HENDRIX4Pretty Green’s hand painted prints and graphic artwork – adds Janie Hendrix – incorporate original material from the Hendrix archive, giving this one of a kind collection a real edge. These pieces have an incredible authenticity about them and we are very proud of what has been achieved. We’re thrilled to make them available to the true Hendrix enthusiasts.”