Pop-pioneers Posh Chocolates are leading the charge for quirky lyrics and dancible rhythms in their new single Dose which was released in the middle of last month. Led by Christian Ellery, the 3-piece have been making huge ground locally (Manchester) and big steps in the wider UK indie scene.

Discussing the release, Posh Chocolates explain: Dose is born from contemplation about my affliction between addiction, and the conviction of a new love interest. Often I feel love can be the main offender when it comes to provoking feelings of addiction, and seeking a dose of someone to replace urges to endeavour in substance is a profound feeling. I’m always seeking ‘company’, whether it be friendship, love, or just turning to the potion. ‘Hide my shady sauce syndrome,’ states the chorus (sadly, already often misheard as ‘sausage rolls’). The question is, to whom am I picking up the phone?”