sofi de la torre  sit downParamore’s Hayley-approved, sexy, bold, talented, self-styled, “Pop done right” Berlin-based Spanish artist Sofi de la Torre, is back with new single ‘Sit Down’ (out 10th June). A friskily sultry, futurist pop number, shaded with summery-tropical beats, which comes with this excellent video, directed by Philipp Groth.

Philipp Groth comments: “Inspired by contemporary artists such as film-maker Isaac Julien and Da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’, we tried to turn it into a collage-styled mood board. We developed the military truck as a key visual to demonstrate the paradox between the bold undertone of the song and Sofi as a singer in the pop realm…making clear that she doesn’t fit into any of the prescribed patterns.”

Speaking about ‘Sit Down’ (produced with Jonas Karlsson) empowering message, Sofi states: “This song is so liberating…not just for me – for anyone out there who feels they have something to say about any situation that bothers them. We all know a person who needs to sit the fuck down. The world is full of petty people. And this song is their anthem”.
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