Pop Starlet HARINA debuts with NOTHING

German-born London-based femme fatale Harina stuns right out of the gate with the hard-hitting hip-pop call-to-arms Nothing. Punchy trap-infused production lays the foundations for Harina’s attitude-laden harmonies to complete the one-two punch. Harina teased her debut with a modern Christmas tune at the end of 2019 and is clearly set to make 2020 her year.

“In the past, other people’s expectations have led me into confusion and made me loose my Intuition when making important decisions. The wrong guidance has pulled me away from my initial plans and put me into a state of self-doubt. We live in a society and I work in an industry where Profit is everything. the Ultimate advantage is a hefty pocket. Hence people in powerful positions can make empty promises and sell faulty dreams in their boundless thirst for money by packaging them as the one-way ticket to success.

The whole message behind Nothing is the realisation that these promises are not always made in goodwill and might not lead you to a place you want to be in. I reached a point where I’m letting other people’s opinions go and seeking my own way to find fulfilment. Nothing, absolutely nothing will stop me from doing what I want.”

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